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Monday, October 17, 2011

We Have Lost Control of OUR Government

Our founding fathers never envisioned a United States run by full time lawmakers.

It's time to make politics a part-time job. This way we the taxpayers don't have to pay for lawmakers healthcare or any other benefits. The added plus is they won't have time to make up even more meaningless and redundant laws.

In order to justify their jobs, lawmakers feel they need to write laws. When do we have enough laws? When we are being strangled by redundant laws. Americans are currently drowning in new laws that are nothing more than rewritten existing laws. We have reached the point of saturation.

Businesses are drowning in red tape. And what is the purpose of all of this red tape? To what end are new regulations being put in place that amount to nothing more than a tweaking of existing laws? Control. Do businesses need to be controlled? No.

Do we Americans feel we need more control over our lives by the people we elect to protect and care for us? One needs only look no further than the current phenomena of the “Occupy” movement to know the answer.

We are at a balancing point between too much government control and living a life of freedoms that so represents the very foundation of this nation. How did we allow government to get so out of control? By fooling ourselves into believing our votes don’t count.

When we decide not to vote, we give up our voice to tell our representative government officials that they can run the country anyway they want. When we decide not to vote, we effectively give up control over our lives. Why would anyone consciously do this? I don’t know of any valid reason. Do you?

This great experiment in government that we call America has gone terribly wrong. Now is the time – and many would agree the time is long overdue – for the people (unwitting victims) of this experiment-gone-wrong to right the mistakes of allowing capitalism to play such a major role in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I think capitalism and the free-enterprise system is the way to go. But we have lost control of it and have allowed it to become the end-all to prosperity. So much so that it is only benefiting our leaders and is tearing this nation apart. There is so much more to life than making money.

Most aspects of daily life have greatly improved and for that we have our government to thank. But the government that helped us get to this point is in the past. Today’s government supports only the making of more money. It is too bloated and needs to be retooled.

Vote. Everyone, Vote. Protest what our elected officials are doing to us. Let them know that the direction this country is headed in is not desirable. Let tehm know they have lost their way. We need to put them back on the right path.

This grand idea of creating a ‘One world government’ is white-wash for corporations to improve their profit margins. It may be working fine for them but the cost is much too great for humanity.

As an American, I have long list of advantages granted to me (a lot of them paid for by my tax dollars) that people living in other parts of the world do not have. I try not to take that list for granted. The federal government is taking in more than enough money to cover our needs but that money is mismanaged and is therefore not working for us the way it should.

Fellow Americans need to do their part to not sabotage the process so we ‘all’ can benefit from living here. By sabotage I mean cheating on paying their taxes. Paying people under the table is a major blow against all of us.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Laws That Favor Profit Over Jobs Are Killing Us

Everyone here agrees the problem with our economy is a lack of jobs. It seems obvious, right? What kind of jobs need to be created?

If we want our manufacturing jobs back from overseas, the reasons that forced them out of the U.S. need to be addressed. Such as, Laws that cost businesses too much to remain profitable here.

If we want money that was made as a result of doing business in the U.S. to remain in the U.S. economy then we need to address the laws that allow that money to be put into offshore accounts thereby escaping taxation.

If corporations are not willing to reinvest their profits in the U.S. in order to stimulate our economy then why should we vote for anyone who favors these laws?

New Democracy

Democracy has been bastardized. The wealthy are supported by a Congress filled with carefully selected like-minded individuals who maintain the system in their favor.

Working class citizens don’t decide who will run for office, we are given the choice of selecting from a list that CorporAmerica has put before us.

This is the New Democracy. ‘We the People’ is merely a nostalgic sentiment used to parade to the rest of world proclaiming “Democracy Works!”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ghandi’s 7 dangers to human virtue:

1 wealth without work

2 pleasure without conscience

3 knowledge without character

4 business without ethics

5 science without humanity

6 religion without sacrifice

7 politics without principle

Americans Are More Intolerant Than They Care To Admit

Intolerance reared its ugly head, again.

Everyone has the right to make their own lifestyle choices.

Almost every person I have ever spoken to on this issue tells me they agree.

But as it turns out, as is so often the case, this is only what they want you to believe face to face. When they have the opportunity to voice their opinion anonymously, the real truth comes out.

What brought this issue to this blog is the latest controversy stemming from ABC’s decision to invite Chaz Bono to appearing on Dancing with the Stars. I do not watch this show. I enjoy watching dance as entertainment. But this show’s idea of entertainment is very different than mine. In my opinion, there is very little else as graceful and beautiful as someone, or a couple, or a group, dancing.

This particular show is more about creating controversy – which in turn builds an audience – and less about furthering the art of dance. This is the ugly aspect of television as a whole, for only controversy brings sponsors to the program which puts money in the producers pockets.

I don’t care for judging as entertainment, especially when the audience is allowed to participate. When an audience is allowed to remain anonymous, their ugly judgmental side tends to take over. An anonymous audience places less importance on ability and style than on looks, attitude, politics, and yes even sexual orientation.

Is this talk of a person having the right to be who they want to be just talk? It would appear so.

ABC is getting a lot of nasty and hateful letters over their decision to invite Chaz Bono onto the show. It is truly pitiful that a show that is supposedly about dancing is being turned into a forum about personal private choices. But then this is the ugly truth about our neighbors and relatives.

Do Americans, home of the free, governed by a Constitution that grants equal rights to everyone, celebrate freedom of choice? It would appear that we don’t.

Who are we to condemn anyone for stepping outside of conformity to live their life as they choose?
There is no wealth like knowledge and no poverty like ignorance. -Ali ibn Abi Talib

Transgressions that are tolerated today will become common place tomorrow. -Greg W

"If you are thinking a year ahead, sow a seed. If you are thinking ten years ahead, plant a tree. If you are thinking one hundred years ahead, educate the people."
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